Why Create a Highlight Tape?

A collection of highlights is necessary for any serious athlete in the modern age. Highlight videos become vital in the athlete’s recruiting process by catching the eye of a coach. College and club coaches rely heavily on using video footage to improve their team and recruit new players. Coaches are busy and cannot attend every game of their potential recruits. By sending a highlight tape, this allows the coach to get an overall understanding of the player’s talents. The video will showcase the athlete’s best attributes of their game and allow the coach to positively identify the player. A proper highlight tape is the start of moving an athlete’s career to the next level.

Highlight Videos: A video comprised of different clips from competitive matches focused specifically on the athlete. The video will showcase a variety of skills performed in live matches. The video will be strategically edited to enhance the viewing experience.

Video Editing: $249.99
(Video clips provided by athlete)

Video Coverage/Editing: $249.99 + $50 per game

Skill Videos: A video filmed by a representative videography/coach while the athlete performs different training exercises. The athlete and representative will construct a training session to focus on the player’s strengths and best attributes.

Video Editing: $149.99
(Video clips provided by athlete)

Video Coverage/Editing: $149.99 + $60 training session

Highlight Tape Example:

*Important Note* The highlight and skill videos will range in duration. Typically, the videos will run 3-7 minutes depending on overall video footage.” Video coverage” consists of a representative traveling to a scheduled game within 50 miles radius of Raleigh-Durham. Each game will be scheduled and priced accordingly. Prices will be defined at the start of each initial agreement. The service is nonrefundable. Once the highlight videos have been sent and finalized, it is non-refundable. Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction. Clients can request additional editing but will be quoted upon request.