NBT Soccer

NBT Soccer is a training organization developed by current and former professional players. The program was established to teach players the foundational principles of soccer and prepare athletes for the next level. The curriculum follows the four pillars of soccer; technical, tactical, physical, and mental. The programs are structured to help players from beginning through elite stages of the game. Also, specialized programs for specific needs; fitness, goalkeeper, college exposure, etc.

NBT Soccer Academy is headquartered at MWC Sports Complex. There are two indoor turf fields, one regulation outdoor field, and a complete gym. For more information, click the link below which will direct you to MWC Sports Complex’s website.

Our program designed to increase a player’s foundation of dribbling, passing, receiving, and movement.

Training designed for goalkeepers to master the technical, tactical, mental & physical aspects.

 The program centers on soccer specific traits such as speed, agility, endurance, strength, flexibility, recovery, etc.

Training are tailored to the athlete’s specific ability and needs.

Summer & track-out camps, preseason programs, team trainings, and more.