College coaches are adjusting their recruiting techniques in these unprecedented times. All NCAA D1 schools have suspended in person recruiting until April, and other universities have followed suit by significantly limiting in-person recruiting. 

However, colleges are still recruiting, and athletes are stilling committing. This is possible because highlight and full game videos are taking a larger role in the recruitment process. An athlete’s highlight video is more significant now than ever because recruiters are relying on video to substitute for in-person recruiting. 

Here are three tips to make sure your highlight tape stands out:

Start with your best highlights

This is arguably one of the most important tips for organizing your highlight video. Your highlight tape is used to get your name discovered, so it is important to grab the viewer’s attention. Pack the beginning of the video with your most significant clips. One of the biggest mistakes is organizing the clips in chronological order, then no one will see your world-class goal at minute 4:00!

The quality of video is important

This tip is about the filming and game footage used in the highlight tape. The video should be filmed from a higher vantage point to be able to capture the full game. It is recommended to limit the zooming in/out especially during a match play. Also, the camera should be stabilized to limit shaky video.

Music vs. No Music

Adding music to your highlight video is personal preference. If you decide to add music, the songs should be appropriate with no explicit language. If you decide no music, this may help with coaches identifying in game communication. However, most coaches tend to watch highlight videos with no sound on. 

Try to obtain as much video footage as possible when organizing your highlights. It is important to start with well reordered video in order to make your highlight tape stand out. Check out our video recording and highlight tape editing for professional game day recordings and awesome edited highlight tapes. 

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