NBTS will be in attendance this weekend at the NCFC Boys College Showcase. There will be many college coaches scouting for their next recruits. This list will help provide some tips on how to increase exposure from college coaches.

  • Contact Coaches Prior to Tournament

Contact coaches of schools you are interested in before attending the tournament. Provide coaches information about you as a player including a brief resume. A highlight tape would be a huge advantage to include in this email. In addition, provide coaches with the exact times, field numbers, jersey number, kit color, etc. for coaches to identify you at the tournament.

  • Play Hard, Be Positive

The player’s skill level and soccer IQ is a huge part of the recruitment process, so it is important to play at your highest level at the showcase. Although, there are days were athletes have bad games or “off days”. If you are not playing your best, continue to control your attitude and work ethic. Coaches aren’t looking for the best players, but the players that will work best in their organizations. Always work hard and give your best effort as you are showcasing more than just your skill level.

  • Follow Up With Coaches

Once the tournament has finished, follow up via email/text with the college coaches. Ask the coaches for feedback of your play and what the next steps entail with their organization.

Showcases are important for coaches to see potential recruits play in live matches. Players have to do their due diligence before, during, and after the tournament. The recruits must get their name out to college coaches and do their job on the field.

Best of luck for all the players competing in showcases all over the country! For more information and tips, contact info@nextbigthingscouting.com . Ease the burden of the recruitment process!

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