Recruitment Service Packages

Basic Recruiting Service Package

This plan will get the athlete on track for their recruitment goals! This includes a player profile, printable resume, 1-on-1 Zoom call with personal recruitment coach and more!

Highlighted Recruiting Service Package

This service adds highlight tape editing and managing. This includes a player profile, printable resumeconsultation with recruitment coach, highlight tape editing and more!

Inclusive Recruiting Service Package

This is the complete package of all recruiting needs! This includes a player profile, printable resume, consultation with recruitment coach, highlight tape editing, college coach connections, coach requests, recruiting organization, All-Star event invitations, ID camp invitations and more!

Recruiting Video Production Services

A collection of highlights is necessary for any serious athlete in the modern game. Highlight videos are vital in the athlete’s recruiting process by catching the eye of a coach. College and club coaches rely heavily on using video footage to improve their team and recruit new players. By sending a highlight tape, this allows the coach to get an overall understanding of the player’s talents. The video will showcase the athlete’s best attributes of their game and allow the coach to positively identify the player.

All Your Digital Media Needs!

Highlight Videos

A video comprised of different clips from competitive matches focused on showcasing a variety of the athlete's skills.

Skill Videos

A video filmed by a representative while the athlete performs different training exercises to showcase technique not seen in live matches.

Game Day Recordings

A videographer will attend live matches to record the athlete.

Training Session Recordings

A videographer & coach will attend a training session to record the athlete.