Inclusive Recruiting Service Package

A complete package of all recruiting needs including college connections! Contact for quote.



This is the complete package of all recruiting needs! The NBTS representatives will be hands on in the recruitment process with connecting players to college. The representatives will help in all aspects of recruiting and are committed to each player’s individual goals.

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This package includes:

Player Profile: A profile that highlights and organizes the athlete’s accomplishments, highlights, pictures, statistics, awards, and general information

Printable Resume: A resume will be organized and created for the athlete which can be easily distributed to coaches.

Consultation with Recruiting Coach: A meeting with a NBTS representative that consists of player/family introductions, overview of important NCAA compliance rules, goal setting, Q&A, handouts, and customizing a plan for each athlete.

Highlight Tape Editing: A video comprised of different clips, provided from the athlete, from competitive matches focused specifically on the athlete. The video will showcase a variety of skills performed in live matches. The video will be strategically edited to enhance the viewing experience.

Coach Connections: The athlete and NBTS will create a personalized list of colleges that meet the qualifications and interests. NBTS will send the athlete’s completed profile and video to the desired coaches.

Signing Announcement: An announcement will be posted on the website, which is frequently viewed by college coaches, that the player is working with NBTS as well as a link to the player’s profile.

Coach Request: NBTS is contacted regularly from college coaches looking for specific talents and needs. If the player matches the qualifications requested, then the profile and referral will be sent to the college requesting the information.

Recruiting Organization: NBTS works hard to keep the player profiles updated with the newest and current data. The recruiting organization also consists of keeping track of the player’s college communications and visits.

ID Camps: NBTS will work with their partners to organized camps for the athletes to prepare themselves for college camps. Also, many colleges host college ID camps. NBTS will recommend specific ID camps and notify camp directors of the athlete’s participation.

All Star Games: NBTS will select athletes to compete in a game with college coaches in attendance. This gives the players an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of coaches.

Social Media: NBTS has a social media presence which may highlight specific athlete’s and their accomplishments.

Contact: NBTS urges the athlete or parents to contact with any questions. There will be scheduled meetings, call, or video chats with athletes and parents to update and set new goals.

Commitment Announcement: NBTS will post an announcement on social media of the commitment to a college or university.

Note* Highlight video editing does not include NBTS recording game footage. The game footage will be provided by the athlete or recording sessions can be purchased through NBTS at a defined rate per game.