The NCAA approved new legislation changing the way Division 1 coaches can recruit athletes during camps and visits in an effort to limit early recruiting. The rules take effect immediately after being passed this week. A quick overview of the changes:

Official Visits: Recruits can start taking official visits (visits funded by the university) starting August 1 of their junior year. Previously, official visits started senior year.

Early Communication: Previously, athletes were able to initiate contact (via phone/email) to NCAA coaches before beginning junior year. Now, the new rule states NCAA coaches will not be able to receive direct communication from prospects until June 15 of their sophomore year.

Oral Offers: The final big change is mandating no oral offers of scholarships before August 1 of the prospect’s junior year.

The three highlighted rule changes have been implemented to monitor early recruitment. The main focus is the direct communication between prospect and coach. NBTS can help aid in navigating the new NCAA rules and further explain the steps of being recruited. For more information and specific on the rule changes visit the NCAA website. Also, email nextbigthingscouting@gmail for detail on how NBTS can be a tool for prospects communicating to coaches.

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