The US Development Academy, known as the pathway to professional soccer, has announced the termination of operations. US Soccer made the announcement on Wednesday about their decision to cancel the Development Academy. This will cause a major impact logistically, economically and more importantly for future player development.

The major clubs will transition from DA to ECNL. Clubs such as NCFC, NC Fusion, Charlotte Independence, and others have already completed the move. The big clubs may roster two teams in the ECNL, but most clubs will only have one team. This will cause roster changes due to former DA players bumping down less accomplished players. Smaller clubs will be left to defend for themselves, and they will likely join their state or regional leagues.

DA prevented their players from playing high school soccer. With no high school restrictions in place for ECNL, the DA players are able to join their school’s rosters. This means the high school standard of play and competition will increase. Also, overall club expenses will be cheaper due to the high school season.

This is a new event, and we will continue to highlight the main updates as new information becomes available. For more information or questions, contact info@nextbigthingscouting.com

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