About Us:

Guidance counselors help develop high school student’s academic and social preparation for college, but high school athletes do not receive enough attention for college recruitment. Next Big Thing Scouting (NBTS) was established to help aid young athletes in the college recruiting process. NBTS has experience going through the process as the athlete as well as understanding the point of view of the coaches. NBTS allows student athletes an easier way to organize their athletic careers for college coaches to identify. This gives the athletes access to a comprehensive understanding of the recruitment process, compliance, and plan for finding a university.  

Why Next Big Thing Scouting?

There are many national branded scouting services that can be discovered with a simple google search. NBTS is a smaller regional service which is an advantage for the athletes. NBTS’ goal is to build meaningful relationships with each athlete and the athlete’s family members who will contribute to process. To build these connections, NBTS will have one-on-one customized meetings, attend athletic events, and be available to contact via email, phone, or text. NBTS provides a more hands-on approach at a fraction of the price compared to largely incorporated scouting services.

NBTS knows a lot about how the process works. They personalized the process for my specific needs and helped me create an individual plan to meet my goals. They took the time to meet with me in person and answered my questions. I am glad to have worked with the network. Michael B., University of Portland

Contact info@nextbigthingscouting.com for more information or questions!

NBTS does not guarantee athletes who purchase the service college recruitment, interest, scholarships or offers. The service is to provide the athlete help during the college recruitment process and gain a greater understanding of the steps as a potential recruit. It is the coach’s decision to recruit an athlete to their university. NBTS will not be involved in scholarship offers or fee-based offers. All services fees offered by NBTS are defined and consistent for all athletes.