Scouting & Profile Update

Scouting at Greensboro Day @ Durham Academy 03/27

Next Big Thing Scouting has made a lot of progress in their preparations to officially launch the first pool of players on the site. A quick look back at the past weeks, NBTS has launched the website, released the logo, connected with social media, scouted local talent, and increased the brand recognition with coaches, players, and parents.

NBTS representatives were present at the Jefferson Cup this past weekend and attended multiple local high school games during the week. Scouts will continue to attend live matches as the mission is to build long term relationships with each player in the network. NBTS knows each player individually and is committed to helping each player in the network.

When the scouts are at an event, they are looking for talented players who have an interest in playing at the colligate level. NBTS is a network to help players gain more exposure and attract college coaches.

An overview of the network, player profiles are organized with complete athletic and academic resume of each player. In addition, a highlight tape is added for college coaches to see live-game footage of the player. The combination of the profile and highlights are sent to coaches directly or accessed publicly on the site. NBTS opens a line of communication and attracts college coaches through the network. There are many more benefits included which can be viewed at “services

Follow the instagram account @nextbigthingscouting for day-to-day progress and news. Any questions or inquiries contact More information will be released soon!